About Paywat

Paywat is focused on solving the communication challenges that exist in schools, particularly around collecting payments. Paywat was founded by a parent that was fed up with the convoluted process just to make simple school payments. Using different tools for school payments, fundraising campaigns, communication, and forms processes. Someone had to do better, and our customers believe that we have hit the nail on the head.

Who Are We?

Paywat was founded by Katie, a parent frustrated with how the school sent requests for payments and forms. It's the age of the mobile communication, and yet the schools that Katie's kids attend were still emailing links to websites and sending letters home. Katie decided that something had to change and started to speak and engage with schools and other parents. Turns out they were as frustrated as she was. After a couple of years of hard work, Paywat was born.

Where Are We?

Our company headquarters is located just outside of Philadelphia. To offer the best support to our customers, we also wanted to support our employees with a remote working culture. We believe that a happy workforce breeds happy customers. As a result, we have team members spread across the country.

Our Core Values


To help our customers, we know we have to listen first. We chase new challenges, ideas, and opinions. We actively listen so we can find different approaches.

Be A Great Team

It's simple - without a strong and happy team, we can't provide the best version of our services and products to our customers.

Love the Journey

It's going to be hard at times, but if we tackle one challenge at a time and focus on those we help - it won't matter where we end up.

Executive Team

Our executive team who help align our team's strategy with our customer's goals.

Katie Tansley


Padraig O'Shea

VP, District Engagement

Charitha Ranasingha

Technical Lead

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