Why Are Schools Jumping
On Board So Quickly?

Paywat is different - it's the first school payment platform to truly focus on communication and parent engagement. Watch our overview video below.

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It's time to streamline interactions with parents

Keep it simple or parents won't engage, it's as simple as that! If your parents in your district need to use different tools to pay, give permission, signup, and communicate, you're not alone. Parents want a simple and organized system when interacting with the school. Not the headache of trying to remember "How I do this again?", "Where did I see that email?", or "What's my password for this part?". It's time to try something new.

One Simple Platform for Parents





Your school mobile app is only as good as its downloads.

Forget about all the fancy features for a second, if parents don't download the App then you have already lost. As a school, you never have to ask parents to download the Paywat app. You just start using it, and we take care of parent engagement automatically.

Send messages directly to parents.

Many parents worry that they'll miss something on your social media feeds. So they track your website, your SMS messages, voicemails, login to the parent portal, always wondering what they missed. With Paywat, the parents know they won't miss anything. They can always just check the App.

Receive payments and permissions slips.

Parents want a simple place to do all school business. If they have to pay and give permission for a trip, they want to do it in one tool and in one flow. Paywat offers a robust payment system for tickets, lists, trips, lunches, and more. But it's more than just a payment system. It allows parents to RSVP, sign, pay, and be reminded.

Parents engage more when they have control

Every home is different. When we don't consider that we leave parents behind. Families have different schedules, different expectations, and of course, different language skills. Paywat allows for real parent control. They can set how they want to be contacted, and, of course the language they want to be contacted in.

Real-time Language Translation

Parents, school admins, and teachers need to be able to communicate. Often that is a message delivery challenge, but for some it's a language challenge. In Paywat, a school can send a message in English, the parent can receive it and reply in the language of their choosing, with the school receiving the reply in English. It's a real-time multi-lingual chat feature.

Integrated, Safe, Secure, and Private

Parents worry, that's what parents do. Keeping kids safe is more than a full time job. Safe at school, safe at home, and safe online. At Paywat, we do our best to help by creating a secure, safe, and private platform. This allows the district to decide what, where, and when messages and information gets shared.

Secure and Private

Paywat has you covered, we keep privacy and security at the very core of everything we do. Each feature is built with the safety of your district's families in mind.

What our users think about Paywat

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