5 Smart Strategies to Improve Parent Engagement

A parent on a phone.

It’s no surprise that parent engagement has an effect on K-12 student performance. In fact, studies from the Department of Education have shown that better parent engagement consistently leads to higher grades and test scores, more developed social skills, and a stronger likelihood to pursue higher education. Therefore, it is important for school districts to implement strategies that naturally increase parent engagement. Without further ado, here are 5 ways to improve parent engagement in your school district.

1. Streamline Communication

We’ve all heard the saying “communication is key”. This statement holds true when it comes to school, as well. Parents already have enough to keep track of in their personal lives, which means that school communication should be as streamlined as possible. Streamlining your school’s communication keeps important information all in one place. A fantastic resource for streamlining school communication is through the mobile app Paywat. As described on their website, Paywat “is the easiest way for parents to pay, engage, and interact with schools.” With streamlined communication for parents on the go, parents can message, pay, and access information about school all in one place.

2. Personalized & Positive Interactions

Teachers and faculty should always introduce themselves to parents under positive circumstances. Communicating with parents even when nothing is wrong eliminates the dreaded “call from the principal’s office” mindset. In addition, ensure communication is personalized whenever possible. Personalization can be as simple as mentioning a recent interaction you had with their child. Check-ins like these make parents happy because they hint that individualized attention is also happening in their child’s classroom.

3. Offer Actionable Resources

Just like their kids, parents want to feel supported by their school district too. Be sure to offer parents a multitude of resources at the beginning of each school year. Resource ideas range from a list of academic tutors available in the school district, to local businesses that offer student discounts, and even educational virtual software. By providing parents with actionable resources, they will automatically feel more supported and willing to engage.

4. Plug Parent Participation

Host and promote events for parents that highlight different interests. Between the PTA, parental assemblies, or parent teacher conferences, offering a variety of events allows parents to pick and choose what they are most comfortable attending.

5. Create an Online Community

An online community gives parents an accessible platform for participation. A parent centered platform like Paywat gives parents and school faculty an informal way to interact on a secure platform. Through Paywat’s virtual community, questions, comments, and concerns can be quickly addressed. Additionally, using social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your district’s engagement tool will promote your school’s online community as a whole.

Overall, there are many ways to improve parent engagement. Ultimately, by implementing strategies for improved communication, resources, and community, parent engagement will increase organically. Using these tips, your school district will be on the way to successful parent engagement and a more equitable environment.

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